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Feels like something is trying to pull & tear all of me from inside – year after year. Jinns (genie’s) are used with sorcery.. Such shytwan (satan) linked sorceries are capable of creating robotic/ monsterous humans – specially muslims, whose dare devil acts are giving wrong messages about peaceful religion Islam.


Updated, not changing a bit of the main theme, while setting up the above blogger website to be simultaneously displayed (RSS) in my kitab website. I have been held up for the last 36 hours or so in order to make my good intentions turn into failure. A technical procedure relating to encryption (http, https) of files is being used as the blockade tool. A screenshot is enclosed to show the audact of making evils look like procedural. The screenshot was taken about 5 hours back, after I stopped the 36 hours try. Then restarted another one rite b4 taking the screenshot.

I must mention here a couple of points relating to the entrapment creating Islam haters lunatic graduation of thoughts after repeatedly being humiliated on lies, character assassinations ploys, deadly sorceries bragged but slapped with so many vogobans most likely dead & now the opportunist & scared to death jinn buddies of theirs are also probably – like it happened in the operation desert storm the so publicized “impenetrable first line of defense of saddam made out of kurdish’s, who were just waiting to surrender at the first opportunity” ..lol.

Lol indeed .. but not to b forgotten or overlooked the fact that the house(s) on the street are allways occupied with those who have less the hayenas IQ (if calculated with humanity first questionnaires). Stealth, united, ferocious, very swift at replanning deadly attacks.. so r these two.

Latest, lets show the world that sorceries are an integral part of living (& also use these deadly games to find out how much essential evils are we). All of these will be proven, if any of wot muslims claim the “transgressor’s punishment by Allah”. Like so many TRUE stories mentioned in the Qur’an.

Isn’t that why in these countries one particular country is always in their chosen list when it comes to represent islam of the moderates? Communal activities where the holy Qur’an is as well recited with translation possibly on the occasions showing griefs for “Islamic terrorism” by a heavy accented foreign quari. The curious non-muslim minds who never heard telawat (& genius in making fun of english accents outside the main stream) thinks when not understanding a word of quari’s arabic & english (& not so nice telawat (recitation) also on absolutely irrelevant subjects) concludes it had to b these idiots!!

Why were my two other blogger sites went on smoothly with the same https encryption process?? The answer lies in between which terrorists r helping other terrorists to blasphemy Islam & encourage the cowards & fools to leave Islam by such retarded publicities?

Listen wot Qur’an tells these evils of coersions & fools of doubting him:

Allah – there is no God except Him; He is Alive (eternally, on His own) and the Upholder (keeps others established); He never feels drowsy nor does He sleep; to Him only belongs all whatever is in the heavens and all whatever is in the earth; who is he that can intercede* with Him except by His command? Knowing what is in front of them and what is behind them; and they do not achieve anything of His knowledge except what He wills; His Throne (of Sovereignty) – holy Arsh encompasses the heavens and the earth; and it is not difficult for Him to guard them; and He is the Supreme, the Greatest. (This Verse is popularly known as Ayat Al-Kursi. It has a special status and reciting it carries great reward. *Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him – will be the only 1 to be granted on the day of kiyamah or reckoning.

There is no compulsion at all in religion; undoubtedly the right path has become very distinct from error; and whoever rejects faith in the devil (false deities) and believes in Allah has grasped a very firm handhold; it will never loosen; and Allah is All Hearing, All Knowing.

Qur’an, Sura #2





Annibale, Conner, Sridhar, Rees

Trump, Theresa, Modi, Citibank

The vicious evils of the world. REASON FOR 911. The name of these ultimate evil seems to b my obsession. NO! THEY R NOT! They r human stinks, simply said. These sorcerer CIA/ MI5 evils pushes me to a position where either the fools think they r gods of some sorts or they can get away by saying & doing wotever anti islamic acts they want, specially the latter one’s like their predecessors.

Every few days they r being slapped hard due to their evil acts. Still they keep coming back. My point is how can the whole world specially journalists r not paying any attention to the stories posted for so long? R they biased or bribed? Indeed we r (muslims) living in a world where hindus, jews & christians r maddogs of the street & we hav come so far from Islam that we hav even forgotten how to kill harmful killer maddogs by stoning them.

While updating yesterday’s post the outrageous act of The white bastard: (how dare)


Never looses an opportunity to show me a personal enemy thus pleasing sridhars dog & theeresas monkey..Modi. Trump a british servant.. most ridiculous islam hater clown, impeachable, brainless, prejudice spreader, foul mouth, social nonsense, stupid acting deadly evil, humiliated.. not a president.