Annibale, Conner, Sridhar, Rees

Trump, Theresa, Modi, Citibank

The vicious evils of the world. REASON FOR 911. The name of these ultimate evil seems to b my obsession. NO! THEY R NOT! They r human stinks, simply said. These sorcerer CIA/ MI5 evils pushes me to a position where either the fools think they r gods of some sorts or they can get away by saying & doing wotever anti islamic acts they want, specially the latter one’s like their predecessors.

Every few days they r being slapped hard due to their evil acts. Still they keep coming back. My point is how can the whole world specially journalists r not paying any attention to the stories posted for so long? R they biased or bribed? Indeed we r (muslims) living in a world where hindus, jews & christians r maddogs of the street & we hav come so far from Islam that we hav even forgotten how to kill harmful killer maddogs by stoning them.

While updating yesterday’s post the outrageous act of The white bastard: (how dare)


Never looses an opportunity to show me a personal enemy thus pleasing sridhars dog & theeresas monkey..Modi. Trump a british servant.. most ridiculous islam hater clown, impeachable, brainless, prejudice spreader, foul mouth, social nonsense, stupid acting deadly evil, humiliated.. not a president.